Matariki Stars Themed Cupcakes

Matariki Stars Themed Cupcakes

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** NOT Available for same day delivery! 2 day lead time required, minimum order of 12 Regular cupcakes or 24 Minis, your order may be cancelled if lead time is not met ***

Celebrate the celestial wonder of Matariki with our enchanting Matariki-themed cupcakes. These delightful treats are crafted with love and creativity to capture the essence of this cherished Maori tradition. Get ready to indulge in a celestial journey through taste and texture with our extraordinary cupcakes!

Indulge in the magic and cultural significance of Matariki with our captivating cupcake collection. Whether you're sharing them with loved ones or savoring them on your own, these cupcakes are a delectable way to honor and celebrate the beauty of this extraordinary Maori tradition. Enjoy the celestial flavors and may your Matariki celebrations be filled with joy, connection, and sweetness!

* Photo is for illustration purposes only. Topper stocks are limited and alternative toppers will be used if stocks run out.

Regular is our delicious chocolate base with our silky vanilla frosting and edible decorations 

Vegan Gluten free cupcakes are a vanilla base with white vanilla icing and edible decorations

This product cannot be swapped out or mixed in other boxes as it is part of a collection.   

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As a Petal cupcake, I last fresh up to two days, but please do not put me in the fridge! I stay freshest in an airtight container or you can keep me in my packaging to show me off to your friends. I also freeze really nicely so you can store me away and bring me out for those Petal craving emergencies.

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